Can Captain America’s Shield Actually Kill Someone By Decapitation? Let’s Find Out Using A Real-World Replica


YouTube / Miculek

So the least time we saw Jerry from Miculek he was using a real-life replica of Captain America‘s shield to stop 8 rounds of .45 ACP. Miraculously it worked, the shield didn’t allow any bullets to pass through. This time around he’s testing whether or not throwing Captain America’s shield can actually kill someone by means of decapitation. Similar to MythBusters he’s built a replica of the human body, accounting for tissue and bones:

I kind of expected it to be harder to chop a person’s head off using a shield, no? That thing sliced through like butter. I imagine that human skin would’ve been a little stronger and kept some of the human’s head in tact, and the skull would’ve been tough to crack through, but Cap’s shield really blew through that model like whoa. Let’s watch it once more in GIF, shall we?

There are two types of people in the world: those who think of today as Cinco de Mayo and those who think of today as the eve of Captain America: Civil War. Actually, there’s a third type of person: people like me who plan on drinking so much tequila tonight the only activity that we’re capable of doing tomorrow is going to the movie theater to see Captain America: Civil War, the latest installment of Marvel’s Avengers franchise. Which type of person are you?