Car Break-Ins Might Have Been Done By a Monkey Because Florida

by 4 years ago

Monkey Pick Pocket

Florida. You just never stop giving!

“A Florida resident said he thinks a monkey photographed in his neighborhood might have been behind a pair of car break-ins. The monkey in the Mirabay neighborhood of Apollo Beach was photographed recently by a neighborhood resident, and experts said it appears to be a rhesus macaque, WTVT-TV, Tampa, reported Tuesday.”

A photojournalist for WTVT-TV spotted the “thief” a few weeks prior and suspected the monkey in the break-ins. The cars showed signs of entry, and were ransacked, but nothing was taken from any of the vehicles.

Corey Beckman, the photojournalist/private eye, owned one of the vehicles and suspected the primate because his iPod and GPS were still in the car after the break-in.

What the hell is a monkey bandit going to do with a GPS system? He’s looking for high-priced items that’ll sell on the black market like bananas and more bananas.

It’s a black market just for monkeys.

[via UPI]


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