Man Finally Gets Around To Having Metal Turn Signal Removed From His Arm After 50 Years



Arthur Lampitt crashed his brand new 1963 Thunderbird head-on with a truck. The car was totaled but Lampitt managed to survive with just a busted hip and random cuts and bruises.

Lampitt went on to live a busy life for the next five decades. He worked a bunch of jobs, supported a family, and generally just lived the life of the average man. He didn’t really have time to think about the occasional pain in his arm and the fact he set off a metal detector for no reason.

Turns out, after some personal detective work, Lampitt figured out the problem with his arm.

Thinking back on that long-ago car accident, Arthur Lampitt developed a theory. He pored over old photographs of the wreck that a friend of his had taken at the time, and noticed that the metal turn signal lever seemed to be missing from the left side of the steering wheel. Could it really have been embedded in his arm all this time?

It took less than an hour for Dr. Timothy Lang of the City Place Surgery Center in suburban St. Louis to prove that theory correct. The metal turn signal, 7-inches long and rather corroded, was removed in one piece.

How soon before this turn signal from a 1963 Thunderbird shows up on eBay?

[H/T: CBS News]