Here’s A Legitimate Republican Candidate For President Munching On Dog Treats, Accusing Obama Of Eating Dogs

If one good thing comes out of the 2016 election, perhaps it will be us reconsidering the use of the word ‘legitimate’ as a litmus test for candidates.

Is Donald Trump, who wants to ban all Muslims, a legitimate candidate for office.

Is Ben Carson, who once tried to murder someone, a legitimate candidate for office.

What’s the point of using it? In an electoral, political and social landscape where candidates are forced to stoop to inanity for virality while trumpeting dog whistles from media coverage all while attempting to project a sheen of dignity and import, who the fuck even knows what it means to be legitimate anymore?

When nothing disqualifies you for the Oval Office, why does it even matter what you do or say?

Here is Carly Fiorina, who is a legitimate candidate for office, eating Milk-Bone dog treats and accusing the current president, Barack Obama, of eating dogs.

It’s only the 347th most inappropriate thing to happen this election season and it will not affect her electability one bit.

Hey, maybe those dogs can run?

[Via Independent Journal Review]