Casey Anthony Allegedly Paid Lawyer With Certain Favors And Let’s Just Say The Gavel Wasn’t The Only Thing Banging In Court

Looks like Casey Anthony wasn’t the only person who got off during her trial.

According to a report Tuesday, accused child-killer Casey Anthony paid her lawyer with sex, BUT the evidence is a little suspect.

In a report by gossip website RadarOnline, a private investigator hired by Casey’s lawyer, Jose Baez, claimed that he learned that Anthony was trading sex for legal representation in 2008. The alleged incident happened after a TV show requested an interview with Anthony that she ended up blowing off.

“[Baez] called the network saying they would have to take a raincheck, hung up the phone and said to Casey: ‘You now owe me three blowjobs,’ ” according to PI Dominic Casey, who Radar says gave the sworn testimony in January as part of a bankruptcy case.

The alleged incident worsened over time, the private detective claims, especially after Anthony began having money issues.

“The misconduct between Casey and Jose escalated,” the PI said, adding that he once “witnessed a naked Casey’’ run from Baez’s private chambers.

If this is all true, it’s still only the second most disgusting thing Casey Anthony has done in her life.

[via Radar Online]

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