The ‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl Calls Dr. Phil, The Guy Who Made Her Famous, A ‘Bald-Headed Bitch’

You know what? At first I had zero time for this “Cash Me Ousside” girl Danielle Bregoli. I mean, she was just 13, her little catchphrase was funny, but I just assumed that she’d get her 15 minutes and never be heard from again.

Now? I think this girl might actually have some staying power.

Why? Because I have never seen a 14-year-old with so much confidence combined with such a DGAF attitude, mixed with a plan that is so perfect for the time that we now live in to maintain and even add to her fame.

Think about it. She’s already getting up to $40K for an appearance. She’s been busted for weed since becoming famous. People are posting videos claiming to be of her getting her ass beat. And she just rolls along like a duck in a rainstorm unbothered by it all.

In fact, Bregoli is SO unbothered by it all she’s even taking shots at the guy who made her famous in the first place, Dr. Phil in a new interview with Maxim.

Some highlights…

Do you have plans to go back on Dr. Phil ever again?

Hell no. Ain’t nobody have time for that bald headed bitch. I just saw him on Jimmy Fallon talking all sorts of mess about my mom.

Have you heard from Oprah at all?

No. I don’t think I’m the Oprah type.

What’s the craziest offer or appearance request you’ve received based on your newfound fame?

I’ve gotten a couple $75K offers for birthday party and bar mitzvah appearances overseas. The timing just didn’t work out with my court stuff.

Oh yeah, she also called him Dr. Phyliss on Twitter and called out Leslie Jones

As for Bregoli’s plans for the future? She tells Maxim, “I’m gonna just keep riding this wave and see what comes of it.”

I hope that doesn’t involve her crashing and burning somehow, but if it does, you can bet it will be spectacular to watch.

Check out the rest of the interview here.

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