Today In ‘Life Is A Fiery Hell Of Unfairness’ News: The Cash Me Ousside Girl Is Making Over $40K For An APPEARANCE

The Cash Me Ousside girl was fun for a minute. Now it’s getting to be goddamn ridiculous. And that’s saying something since we’re talking about the fucking Cash Me Ousside girl who is famous for saying SIX words on Dr. Phil.

TMZ is reporting that Danielle Bregoli is making more than $40K to do a meet and greet with fans at the Rolling Loud Music Festival in May. The festival in Miami will feature the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Future, Lil Wayne, A$ap Rocky, Travis Scott, Young Thug, Mac Miller, and Run The Jewels. But some people are gonna stand in line for two fucking hours in 98% humidity Miami weather to get a photo with the Cash Me Outside girl so they can upload it on Facebook with the caption: “Cash me outside wit da Cash Me Outside girl. How bow dah?”

Besides getting paid an astounding $40,000 for making a stupid appearance, the festival will also throw the Cash Me Ousside girl a bitchin’ birthday party when she turns 14-years-old in March. Wonder if the GraTata guy will be invited?

I can’t wait to see what insane and frivolous shit the Cash Me Ousside girl buys and how quickly she blows her new-found fortune.

This apparently isn’t a one-time thing. Bregoli’s management says the MINIMUM to book CMO is a mind-numbing $30,000! Allegedly, a New York City bar offered her $5,000 and her team laughed at the offer.

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The original “catch me outside” human meme never got $30K for an appearance.