GraTaTa Guy Says He Hooked Up With The Cash Me Ousside Girl And Besides Being Bizarre, It Would Also Be Very Illegal

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The human meme known as the Cash Me Outside girl is so incredibly famous that her celebrity can bring back other human memes from the dead simply from getting in her mentions. Remember the GraTaTa guy? The Vine “star,” who’s real name is Bryan Silva, had seven minutes of fame back in April of 2014 from his videos of him posing shirtless in front of the mirror and shooting a make-believe gun and making pretend gun sounds over and over and over.

GraTaTa guy’s “fame” ended quickly and the last news that I heard was when he was arrested on January 3, 2016, on suspicion of abduction and firearm possession by a convicted felon after a police standoff in Charlottesville, Virginia. So how does this dunderhead attempt to gain back his former notoriety? Latch onto the latest catchphrase internet curiosity, Cash Me Ousside girl, and boast about sexually assaulting her on social media. Bold strategy Cotton. Silva posted his claims of sexual assault on his Facebook and Twitter, both accounts are verified. Let that sink in. But he later deleted both posts.

Gratata Guy Cash Me Ousside

The Cash Me Outside girl AKA Danielle Bregoli is 13-years-old.

Bryan Silva is 25-years-old.

That would be very, very illegal.

Cash him inside prison. How bow dah?

Suddenly the claims that the world is going to end this year don’t sound so farfetched.

Your Flashback Friday video is when the GraTaTa guy appeared on Tosh.0.

Cash Me Ousside and GraTaTa may want to think about attending the University of Washington.