Bro Receives Epic Tom Hanks In ‘Castaway’ Care Package After Telling Dollar Shave Club He’s Canceling

Tom Hanks

YouTube / Castaway

This bro reached out to the Dollar Shave Club and said that he was canceling his membership. He also said that he thought he’d return as a customer just as soon as he looked like someone that had been stranded on a deserted island a la Tom Hanks in Castaway.

Seeing the opportunity for some laughs and the chance to retain a customer, a representative from the Dollar Shave Club put together a care package for this bro which he shared pictures of on Imgur yesterday afternoon:

Dollar Shave Club has always killed it on the customer-facing front. They do make a great product. In fact, I use a Dollar Shave Club travel kit when I’m on the road because it’s the best on the market. But it’s the early Youtube ads from Dollar Shave Club which garnered them so much press.

It’s nice to see that DSC has still got it when it comes to creating buzz out of nothing. I’m sure this bro will now remain a committed Dollar Shave Club customer for years to come, and they picked up an insane amount of free press all by mailing this dude some Castaway gear. These photos should be used as slides in every Marketing class in America.

(via IMGUR)