FISH FIGHT!!!! Huge Flathead Catfish Tries To Swallow A Channel Catfish That’s The Same Size, Chaos Ensues

by 1 year ago

How much would it suck ass to be the channel catfish with your head stuck in the flathead catfish’s mouth? You’re basically the same size as the other fish but the flathead’s got an eponymously named head which allows it to swallow things larger than it should, and in this case that means trying to swallow a fish of equal size.

No, I don’t think catfish (channel or flathead) think about things like ‘man, this fucking sucks having my head stuck in this fish’s mouth’ or ‘shit, how am I going to swallow this entire channel cat?’…I do think that fish live their lives on self-preservation, so both are sort of in panic mode here realizing that there’s no good way out of this situation.

I’m sure there are a hundred different metaphors in here for 2016 in general, or the Presidential Election, or life after college…but all I see is how fucking metal nature can be when you let it run its course:

…(via LiveLeak)…

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