Cops Confiscate 123 Cats From Crazy Couple In Florida, Find 16-Inches Of Feces Built Up On The Floor

Cat people get an awful wrap because, well, they’re cat people. They love cats, they can’t smell the cats, they hoard the cats until they’re living in the midst of a non-stop cat orgy. And the end result is complete feline-induced squalor.

One couple in Florida has been charged with animal neglect, and police have removed 123 cats from the home (two have been euthanized). While removing the cats from the home police found parts of the floor to contain cat shit piled 16-inches high off the floor.

What the hell people? How can you live with yourself knowing that somewhere in your home is a pile of animal shit, and not just any pile but one that’s 16-inches high?!?!
I’d rather sleep on the streets.

From ABC Action News:

Citrus County authorities have now removed 123 cats from a Floral City home.

Deputies received an anonymous call about the house on Zanmar Drive last Wednesday and began removing cats the following day .

The homeowner, John Callagy and his girlfriend, Vicky Gatto, were arrested Friday and charged with animal neglect. Neither lived in the home.

Animal control officers estimate the cats had been in the home for close to a year and left without adequate food and water.

There were also no litter boxes and officers found 16 inches of feces in some areas of the house, deputies say.

So far, two cats have been euthanized and one remains in quarantine for biting an officer.

Hazmat teams responded to the house because the ammonia from the cat urine reached lethal levels, preventing rescuers from entering the home. High-powered fans were brought in to help dispel the smell, however, it did not do much.

Be the change the world needs. If you don’t get a cat, or you stop one of your friends or relatives from getting a cat, soon enough (30 or so years later) there should be no cats left and we can all get on living happy cat-free lives.

Dogs > cats. Dog people > cat people.


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