Hot 19-Year-Old Busted For Stealing Victoria’s Secret Panties And Bondage Gear

Looks like 19-year-old bondage enthusiast Tayler Aughtman got restrained, but probably not exactly in the sexy way she had in mind. Aughtman was handcuffed by police and then spent a night in jail after she was caught shoplifting erotic restraints.

The very attractive Tayler was at the Spencer’s store in Spartanburg, South Carolina, but instead of just buying a pimp cup that was relevant 10 years ago, a shot glass with a corny joke on it such as “I Don’t Get Drunk, I Get Awesome” or a wacky gag gift like a fake toilet paper that doesn’t tear or phony lottery tickets like every other red-blooded American, she was there to steal bondage gear.

A Spencer’s employee witnessed Aughtman “approach the bondage section and put something in her purse.” Tayler walked out of the whoopee cushion retail store and was then stopped by security. They found that Miss Aughtman had a “Fantasy Bed Stretcher,” retail value $39.99. Those not familiar with this product, it does not actually stretch your bed, it is a strap that goes under your bed then back up to constrain a person’s hands and feet with cuffs for BDSM activity.

The product description is as follows, “Discover a brand new position with this Fantasy Bed Stretcher! The bed stretcher will adjust to allow for a whole new flexible position to really spice up the bedroom!” Ummmm, does Tayler not know that a thing called “rope” exists? This fancy kit is pretty much just rope, and rope is readily available and if you actually need to buy rope it’s about $4 for 100-feet.

Aughtman also confessed to police that she stole eight pairs of panties, valued at $84, from the Victoria’s Secret store at the mall. Looks like someone was planning a sex romp fiesta that would last several days. The manager at Victoria’s Secret also wanted Aughtman prosecuted for shoplifting.

I knew this Fifty Shades of Grey nonsense would only bring terrible repercussions.