The Chainsmokers Have A Cautionary Tale About How Much It Sucks To Have Your Social Media Hacked

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Remember how I just wrote about how much I love over-the-top, WWE-style drama in pop music? Looks like that is kinda, sorta happening, according to some tweets discovered by MTV.

I just wrote a little bit about the tongue-in-cheek beef war brewin’ between The Chainsmokers and Lady Gaga. Here’s where it gets *really* interesting in a melodramatic middle school kind of way.

In the middle of yesterday’s tweet storm/lovefeset involving The Chainsmokers, the singer Halsey from their hit track “Closer”, and Lady Gaga,  Drew Taggart allegedly let something nasty slip through the cracks:

Because hell hath no power in media like tween music Twitter, someone caught the tweet and screencapped it, even though it was deleted right away. Drew claimed it was fake, even though there is proof otherwise:

This was followed by a claim of being hacked.

This is one of those things that’s probably NBD, even though it’s hard to imagine a pop star of Drew’s level not having two-factor authentication for his Twitter account.

Here’s how they set the record straight:

Moral of the story. Two-step verification. Keep your phone locked at all times and if you lose it, remote wipe everything on it ASAP.

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