Look At This Character Catcalling Women During A Report About… You Guessed It Anti-Catcalling

This week is International Anti-Street Harassment Week and the campaign has been punctuated by more than 50 signs being posted around New York City that say “No Catcall Zone.” Well apparently this gentleman is illiterate or does not give a hoot.

During a news report by Buzz600, journalist Patrick Jones is interviewing various passerbys about the anti-catcalling movement and the signs. While most were against the sexist catcalling, this one guy, that could be anyone’s uncle from Staten Island, saw no issues with whistling, making clicking noises and calling complete strangers, “Sweetheart.”

This gentleman seems to be a man of high morale virtues because how else would you explain the fact that he’s wearing a shirt with the signature Playboy Bunny, but it appears that the iconic rabbit’s ears are indeed marijuana leaves. I feel like I need that shirt in my wardrobe.

When he gave examples of his ridiculous catcalling that must have him drowning in quim on the daily, the reporter asked him, “How would you call a dog?” The man confidently replied, “Same way.” The Casanova eloquently adds, “We’re just acknowledging that you did a good thing by getting out of bed.” Can you say, “Pussy Magnet.”

Jones said this was the “craziest interview of his career.” This character is so over-the-top that I definitely thought it was a work by the news organization. However Mashable reached out to Jones and he dismissed the idea.

I still really want that Playboy weed shirt.

[Mashable via Uproxx]