Charleston Church Murderer Dylann Roof Drove To Another Black Church After But Was ‘Too Tired’ To Murder More People

The man who befriended members of South Carolina’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church only to return to murder nine black church goers in a racially motivated attack in June 2015 drove toward a second black church after the shootings, according to South Carolina prosecutors.

Prosecutors say that they have GPS evidence that the 22-year-old Roof exited the interstate and drove toward a church in Summerville, about 30 miles from Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church after committing the atrocity. According to CBS News, Branch AME Church also had a sign that advertised a Wednesday night Bible study.

Prosecutors also presented evidence that showed Roof had lists of other black churches in his car, presumably planning to commit multiple acts of mass homicide. Roof told FBI agents he was “too tired” after the Emanuel killings to carry out any other attacks.

Roof, who was sentenced to death last month after being convicted on 33 federal charges, showed absolutely no remorse for murdering the people who invited him into their prayer service. During his trial, prosecutors read aloud excerpts from a journal he kept from August of 2015 in which Roof wrote, “I would like to make it crystal clear I do not regret what I did.” Roof even went as far to wear racist symbols on his shoes in the court room that glorify his white supremacist beliefs.

Roof is now awaiting his second-death penalty trial in state court.

What a royal piece of shit.

[h/t CBS News]