Ever Been Stoned And Gone On Chatroulette? Well Now There’s A Video Chat Website Specifically For Stoners

Have you ever sat down after hitting a bong and thought to yourself, “Man, I could really go for a random stoner conversation with someone I’ve never met before…where the fuck are my Cheetos?” If that sounds like you, well then you’re in luck.

” PuffPuffChat is a website where people high on marijuana can talk to each other, while rating how high they are on a scale from 0 to 10.
Following in the footsteps of other chat sites, PuffPuffChat connects two strangers and enables them to chat – albeit with that one obvious difference.
When users first log onto the website they are asked ‘How high are you?’
Once a number is selected, the user is then taken into a chat window with a random other user.
While their name is anonymous, how high they are is revealed next to their name.”

I’d imagine using PuffPuffChat would take the shame out of smoking weed by yourself. Rate yourself a 0/10 in terms of high-ness and poof, you have someone to smoke weed with online. However, party poopers everywhere aren’t looking at this as a “glass half full” sort of thing.

” Drug charities and the Home Office, however, have expressed concern at the site – especially considering cannabis is illegal in the UK and most parts of the U.S. – and warned users of the dangers of the drug.
‘Based on evidence from across Europe, we know that stronger strains of cannabis may well be causing more problems,’ a spokesperson for Public Health England told MailOnline.
‘Our figures show that more and more people are using specialist drug services to get help for cannabis use, even though the overall trend is falling.”

Via Daily Mail

Way to take all the fun out of getting high with people you’ve never met. Leave it to responsible adults to be total Buzz Killingtons.

[H/T Daily Mail]