Husband Totally Catches His Cheating Wife When She Snaps A Sext To Him In The Fakest Viral Stunt Ever


The Chive

Earlier today our friends over at The Chive posted this lolololz Snapchat moment of a husband “catching” his wife cheating on him via a sext. It’s viral gold — people love to read these exchanges. Personally, I can’t stop laughing over the hilarious fakeness of it all. Here’s why:

1. Holy shit look at that TV! What the hell kind of bed bug-infested, STD-ridden hotel room still has a TV like that? Those curtains! WTF?! And if you were traveling for any sort of work, why the hell would you be staying in it? Hope she paid by the hour…

2. No one texts with exclamation marks like that. Even cheating wives/girlfriends who just got caught.

3. The cuckold husband would never say “I’m calling a lawyer” in the exact same text as the one where he called out the men’s boots. That’s like three texts away after giving it some time to digest.

4. IT LOOKS LIKE IT’S BROAD DAYLIGHT OUT! Why would she be going to sleep! Is she a vampire? No hotel room in the WORLD has that much light at night unless it’s a porn set with thousands of dollars of backlighting.

Still, good try, good effort. Still — Fake as shit. But whatever. I look at so many Internet posts that I don’t even care when these types of things are real or fake anymore. It’s just all about the comedy. That hotel is so shitty that it’s worth looking at it for the giggle. Here’s the whole exchange via The Chive:


The Chive


The Chive


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The top comment over on The Chive has me cracking up…


The Chive

God bless the Internet and it’s marvelous capacity for entertaining us with completely fabricated bullshit.