This 15-Year-Old Cheerleader Can Squat More Than You

by 4 years ago

Well this is really putting a monkey wrench into the “Cheerleading is not a sport” argument. Meet Patricia Ballesteros, a 15-year-old sophomore and cheerleader at Desert Ridge High School in Mesa, Arizona. She didn’t skip leg day. Not even once.

The video of her squatting 300 lbs has gone viral and even featured on ESPN. This powerful cheerleader can squat more than almost 75 percent of her school’s football team.

Patricia has put her cheerleading team on her back, they have been crowned State Champions for the past two years.

Now don’t let your male ego get all butthurt and compel you to say, “Well she has a spotter so it doesn’t count.” She’s like 120 lbs and a 15-year-old girl, that’s an impressive squat for male or female at that light of a weight. Don’t get your panties in a bunch, just hit the gym even harder today.