Cheerleader Who Sued Parents for Tuition Moves Back in with Parents

Hey, VH1, have the Cannings got a reality show for you!

Just a week after unsuccessfully suing her parents for high school and college tuition, now-infamous cheerleader Rachel Canning has agreed to move back in with the rents, her parents’ lawyer told reporters on Wednesday. Canning, who graced the cover of the New York Post this week with the headline The Brat Manifesto—had been living with the daughter of wealthy New Jersey lawyer John Inglesino. Inglesino gave Canning the funds to sue her parents, and he also provided her alcohol at a few home ragers, and I’m sure the two families will all get along famously at the next PTA meeting.

Before Rachel found herself in the court case of the century, she possessed a boyfriend her parents found “unsavory.” But instead of dumping the guy and his cool cigarettes and leather jacket, as she was asked as a condition for living under her parents’ roof, she fled to the Inglesinos. They took her in, financed a lawyer, and Rachel asked for:

1. $650 a week in living expenses
2. The balance of the tuition at her private high school
3. Future college tuition
4. Attorney’s fees.

The judge dismissed the case on the grounds of “Total Fucking Insanity,” and so now Rachel has returned, tail between legs, back to her home. “She reunited with her parents and siblings,” her parents’ attorney Angelo Sarno said in a statement. “Her return home is not contingent on any financial and/or other considerations.”

Please not that, in this case at least, you should not sue your parents.

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