Chicago Bears Bro On Snapchat Can Hit A Target With A Shotgun Better Than Jay Cutler Can With A Football

Mandatory plug for the BroBible Snapchat, which you should be already following. Over on Snapchat we’ve been doing this thing called “Savage Shotgun Techniques” with all the videos you guys are constantly sending us. More or less, it’s dudes being dudes, shotgunning beers like champs in the most creative, over-the-top ways imaginable. One of my favorite ones so far from this Chicago Bears fan who pulls of a nice skeet shot. “Better aim than Cutler,” as one Bro put it. Touche. To-fucking-che.

Go watch it on our Snapchat… Or if you’re too old for Snapchat, we have a link on Instagram where you can view below.

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