Chicago Taco Bell Could Be First To Serve Alcohol And What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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Taco Bell

There’s a perfect storm brewing in Chicago’s Wicker Park. It combines quality fast food and alcohol. And it promises to ruin every bathroom within a 15-mile radius.

Management for the Taco Bell set to open at 1439 N. Milwaukee Ave. has applied for a liquor license, according to Eater. If the chain succeeds, the Taco Bell will be the first ever to serve alcohol.

Oh yeah. Tacos and tequila. All day, every day. The tentpoles of any healthy diet.

There were rumors that the Wicker Park location would  be made into the second U.S. Taco Co., an upscale Taco Bell restaurant in Huntington Beach, Calif., that serves tacos with high-quality ingredients like grilled mahi mahi, lobster and grilled manchego cheese. A spokesperson for Yum! Brands, which owns Taco Bell, told Eater that the restaurant would not be a U.S. Taco Co., however.

The new location will have some taco-friendly neighbors, like Big Star, Flash Taco and Antique Taco. It’s likely that serving alcohol will allow the chain to better compete with the independently owned restaurants that surround it.

I don’t want to take undue credit for inspiring such an idea, but when I was living in Chicago, drinking booze at the Taco Bell across from Wrigley Field was my go-to weekend activity. Thinking back, in fact, I’m not sure I ever saw a sober person in that establishment.

Let’s just say the success rate for people remembering what they ordered was low.

I can’t wait to to check back on this project on a few months and see if anything’s gone awry.

Can’t imagine there won’t be problems.

[H/T: NBC Chicago]

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