Bro Escapes A Lifetime Of Crazy After His GF’s Arrested For Faking Her Own Kidnapping

It’s stories like this that prove ye olde proverb of ‘never dip your wick in crazy’. You might’ve heard more explicit forms of that adage before but the sentiment is the same, keep your man chowder as fucking far away as possible from a crazy succubus. In the story below we’ve got a possibly certifiably crazy chick who got herself arrested for faking her own kidnapping in a desperate attempt to affirm the true love of some man that just narrowly escaped a lifetime of crazy when 22-year-old Janet Elena Brooks got locked up. This is definitely one of the most ‘WTFlorida‘ stories I’ve read in a while.

via MetroUK:

A woman has admitted she lied about being kidnapped to see if her boyfriend ‘truly cared about her’.
Janet Elena Brooks initially told police that she had been abducted by a man at gunpoint while she walked through a car park.
The 22-year-old from Clermont, Florida claimed she was forced into the boot of a car and dropped off at a park, the Daily Commercial reported.
But authorities discovered CCTV footage that showed Brooks leaving the car park and warking towards the highway.
She later admitted she made up the story because she thought another woman was interested in her boyfriend and she wanted to see if he ‘truly cared about her’.

Firstly, it’s nice to see that my ancestral homeland of Florida is back in the news for something other than shark attacks. Next, I cannot say for certain that the dude who she was trying to test actually broke up with her but I’d like to have faith in my fellow man that when he see batshit crazy like this he has the common sense to run for the hills.

If this chick’s willing to lie about being kidnapped just to get your attention then ponder what she’s willing to lie about when you take that attention way. Pretty…pretty…pretty damn terrifying. This bro dodged a bullet.

…For more on this story you can head on over to The Metro UK

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