This Video Of A Chick Popping A Massive Cyst Is Honestly The Most Disgusting And Fascinating Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Man oh man is this disgusting, and I’m not talking about the kind of disgusting you’re used to, like cleaning up dog poop or finding that your roommates left a month-old pizza sitting under your living room couch from a party way back when. No, this is another level — and I’m saying this because as someone who would fish out a lumpy pizza from under the couch and have to fight back thoughts about eating it, this is something I wouldn’t fuck with in real life. I do not want this in my armpit, I do not want this in anyone’s armpit who I currently know, and I do not want to watch this video a second time. Shit, I had to skip through parts on my first run-through because I didn’t need to see this chick’s cyst spillin’ out all over a paper towel. Just cut to the chase, right? I’ll watch it pop and I’ll watch the band-aid get stuck over it, but do I need to see the leakage? Nope, hard pass.

[H/T Mirror]