Bro Turns Childhood Treehouse Into 420-Friendly Pleasure Pad

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As a kid, having a treehouse is probably the coolest thing in the world. It’s a place that feels like your very own domain — an escapist fantasy, really — even though (a. your old man probably put a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and zoning-violations into it and (b. it’s sitting in the backyard of the property your parents own. A childhood treehouse is a magical place.

But then you grow up. And it sits there in the backyard even though you’d much rather spend time at the movie theater with girls or playing sports with your friends than play in the fantasy world of a treehouse. Rather than giving a treehouse its fateful demise, this Bro transformed his girlfriend’s old childhood treehouse into the ultimate 420-friendly pleasure pad. He writes, noting on Reddit that “a lot of weed and love went into creating this”:

This was originally my girlfriends childhood Treehouse, when i discovered it was a complete dump, since making renovations it now includes:

Couch that fits 3 people

Single size bed that 3 people can sit on or 1 sleep in

Full surround sound 3 Windows + skylight

Fully sealed making ideal for hot-boxing

Outdoor sitting area, complete with fake grass, coffee table and seats

Galaxy themed ceiling


Electricity output

State of the art heating system

3 levels of lighting

Bro… this sounds like the ultimate place to sit and bask in the glory of Phish’s 12/29/97 show. The dream catcher is a nice touch, too. Here’s pics of the DIY project, which is something you can do if you’re bored on break, college Bros.