This Massive Brawl Between Chimps At A British Zoo Is Some ‘Rise Of The Planet Of The *Chimps’ Level Stuff

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I swear this is some sort of leaked ‘Planet of the Apes (*Chimps)’ deleted scene level shit. You almost expect one of the ‘naked’ alopecia, remarkably jacked chimps to start issuing verbal commands in English proper. There’s some serious tribal warfare going on here, or one of the alopecia chimps finally had it with a life destined for full-time naked exposure.

The pair of alopecia chimps captured in this video at the British Zoo are believed to be father and son. I don’t know about you, but when I first saw a couple stills of these red clay-colored chimps I honestly thought that’s just what they were–eery lifelike statues or some shit. But then you see the fisticuffs, hear the shrieking and howling break out, and you realize this is some very real life brawling going down.

[H/T: Daily Mail]