Oh Shit. There Are Some Chimps on the Loose in Kansas City

UPDATE: Here is a link to KCTV’s live coverage: http://www.kctv5.com/category/215375/kctv5-livestream-mva2.


Earlier: The Kansas City Zoo is on lockdown after reports that several chimpanzees have escaped their paddock. There are no reports currently on the sentience of these chimpanzees and whether they are planning on taking over the federal government. Right now, all we have are questions.


Kansas City Zoo officials have confirmed with 41 Action News that there are chimpanzees on the loose.

Zoo Spokesperson Julie Neermeiyer says the chimps are in the zoo, in a behind-the-scenes area. It’s unclear at this time how many chimps are on the loose. They are working to determine how they may have gotten out.

Zoo visitors have been taken indoors for protection. The zoo has been closed.

Here is unconfirmed video from inside the zoo:

[Rise of the Planet of the Apes Screenshot via Collider]