I Think This Dude’s Chipotle Hack Is Brilliant But Some People Are Calling Him A Jerk

by 1 year ago

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For some reason, Chipotle is one of those restaurants that has a ton of secret/not-so-secret life hacks to improve the experience. My colleagues here at BroBible have blogged about Chipotle extensively in the past. Frankly, I’m more of a ‘Welcome to Moe’s!’ guy when I have the choice between the two, but I am intrigued by this person’s Chipotle life hack below.

They tweeted out a picture of their meal which has since been retweeted over 1,300 times. The idea is they ask the Chipotle employees to individually package every ingredient in their meal so they can assemble it themselves when they get home.

The logic here is by packaging everything separately and getting the food to-go it won’t become soggy or oily on the drive home, and the tortillas won’t rupture…I think this is brilliant, as do some others on Twitter, but a bunch of people think this guy is an asshole who’s out to make life miserable for people getting paid minimum wage. Let’s check out the Twitter reactions:

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