Chipotle Is Branching Into Americana And Opening A Burger Concept (Just Don’t Order It Medium Rare)

If you haven’t lived in Washington, D.C. over the past five years, you haven’t had the joy of eating at ShopHouse. It’s Chipotle’s take on fast-casual, pseudo-Asian cuisine, and it makes for a tasty and healthy lunch.

(You certainly feel a lot better about eating it than you do an entire burrito bowl during the middle of the day.)

After five years, it’s finally starting to expand into other areas, with fourteen locations around the country.

This is all a relatively needless anecdote to lead into all the information that you already gleaned from the headline.

Chipotle is launching a burger concept! I guess what I was getting at was that since their Asian concept was good, maybe this burger thing will be, too.

Any fucking hoo…

The company announced it will launch its first ever burger joint in Lancaster, Ohio. No idea where that is. Probably the middle or something. The move had long been speculated, under a different name, but today it is official.

It’s called Tasty Made and it sounds literally like Shake Shack. From Eater:

Tasty Made will use Responsibly Raised brand beef (from animals that are raised in more humane ways and without the use of antibiotics or added hormones), shakes made with real ingredients including milk, cream, sugar, eggs and other natural ingredients, and fresh-made buns that are free of preservatives, dough conditioners and other artificial ingredients,” reads the release.

Fuck it. I’m sold.

[Via friend of BroBible Austin Hunt]

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