This ‘Milk’ Being Served At A H.S. In New York Looks Straight Out Of A Horror Film, Truly Disgusting

A student from Catskill High School in Central New York’s Catskill Mountains shared this video of what’s being passed off as ‘chocolate milk’ at his school. Just looking at this nasty ass sludge was enough to make my stomach lurch, and that’s before I ever even contemplated this shit being served to students for drinking. Harvey Hood, founder of HP Hood, is rolling over in his grave seeing this nasty ass milk chunking its way out of the carton.

I love food. If you’ve ever met me at one of our BroBible parties and we grabbed a beer or something then there’s a decent chance we talked about food. Cooking is a big part of my life, as is drinking. They’re things I take a lot of joy in, and I think my lucky Stars & Stripes that I haven’t been forced to eat some shit ass public school lunch in decades. Just seeing this supposed ‘milk’ sludge out of that carton is being back a flood of memories, reminding me how piss poor the food was at my Elementary and Middle schools.

I think it goes without saying but I’ll go ahead and say it anyways: this is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. This a very clear health hazard, and one that could lead to students becoming very ill. If you’re interested in calling the health department in this county to report the violation and make them aware of this torture taking place at Catskill High School you can reach them at: Greene County Health Dept, 518-719-3600. Something of note here, that nobody will care about other than myself, Greene County, New York is where I picked up my Bernese Mountain Dog five years ago. It’s a gorgeous county but there’s very clearly not a lot of money there.

[h/t r/videos]