A (Kinda Hot?) Crazy Christian Mom Has An Amazing Theory About How The Dinosaurs Were Not Real

In the fifth century B.C., some 2,400 years before today, Greek philosophers Leucippus and Democritus theorized that all matter in the world was made up of extremely tiny particles.

A couple millennia later, thanks to advancement in scientific instruments, we were able to definitively prove the existence of atoms.

Now, if someone came along and said, “Doesn’t it seem a little suspicious that people speculated there were atoms and now–all of a sudden–we find out there are? Seems fishy, no?”

You would laugh that asshole off of the planet. That’s how knowledge works. If we only investigated the things we already knew to be true, there would be no scientific advancement. Heck, we might not have even left caves.

But this is exactly what one (kinda hot, I would do her. Would you? Let me know in the comments. I think crazy is sexy.) Christian mom thinks proves that dinosaurs weren’t real. That because someone speculated that there were dinosaurs, the fact we discovered them means they were made up to disprove the existence of God.

God, I love crazy. This crazy comes from CADministry (Christians Against Dinosaurs) and it is an amazing video. At one point, this woman throws a bunch of rocks at the camera and says since you can’t build a dinosaur with these rocks and some spackling paste, it means they aren’t real, as though if handing someone a helium balloon and seeing that they can’t turn it into a functioning star is proof that those lights in the sky are actually windows to heaven.

God, I really love crazy

[Via Mic]