Instead Of Throwing Out A $1,300 Bottle Of Wine At Airport Security, These Bros Chugged The Whole Thing

You’d think you’d know by now that liquids in containers greater than …

Well, actually, I don’t know precisely what size bottle you can take on planes. Three ounces? Four? Six? All I know is when flying, all your liquids need to be in small little shit. Like, little toothpaste tubes. I know you can’t take a bottle of wine in a carry-on. I thought everyone knew that.

Wang Tan and Yang Wu apparently didn’t know that. They were at Baiyun International Airport in China, and they tried to bring on board a bottle of wine.

But not just any wine. Expensive ass wine made from tiger bones that is supposed to make you horny. Per The Daily Mail:

The men were stopped by security after an officer noticed the [booze] and asked one of the men, whose surname is Wang, to open his bag for examination, Shanghaiist and Tencent reported.

Wang pleaded with the security officer, telling her: ‘Little girl, it’s good stuff inside. It’s aphrodisiac wine that was bought from my buddy’s hometown.

‘You know, it’s very, very expensive. It cost us a good 8,000 yuan [£800 or $1,300]. Smell it, feel the aroma.’

Damn was he trying to seduce her?

Rules are rules, though, and they weren’t allowed to bring it past security. But, instead of tossing their precious sex booze, they chugged it right then and there.

As they chugged the wine a security manager warned them ‘drunken passengers’ would not be allowed to fly.

They were able to continue on their flight after they assured the officers they were capable of holding the drink, walking in a straight line to prove it.

No word on whether they fucked each other the whole flight home, but I bet they wanted to.

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