Citizen Finds $175,000 Worth Of Cocaine Washed Up On Galveston Beach, Doesn’t Have A Party

Actually, they called the cops! They didn’t do any of the cocaine, they didn’t channel any single part of George Jung and sell any of it to turn a fast buck, and oh yeah, they didn’t do ANY of the cocaine!

Like a responsible American citizen would, they instead phoned the local Galveston, Tx., police department to report that some 30 bags of a white substance had washed ashore…

Per MyFox Houston:

Galveston police say someone found several bags washed up on a beach that contained a white powder. Testing has determined that the powder was cocaine with a street value of more than $175,000.

A resident contacted Galveston police and said that he found the bags on the beach near the intersection of Antigua Drive and San Luis Pass Road on Sunday morning.

Officers recovered the cloth bags and brought them to the justice center to be tested. Once the bags, more than 30 of them, and their contents were dried, they were tested. The bags weighed almost seven kilograms altogether.

Safe to say local Galveston DEA just hit quota for the quarter, right? You totally have to respect this upstanding citizen, too, for doing the right thing by calling the authorities here.

It’s still uncertain where the $175K of cocaine originated – your guess is as good as mine – but hopefully the Galveston local responsible for bringing this to the cops’ attention receives a nice little reward. Good thing that they’re staying anonymous, too.

Last thing you need is the cartel rolling up to your door, you know?