Our Most Bro Senator Is The Woman Who Shotgunned A Beer When She Found Out Who She Was Running Against

claire mccaskill shotgun beer

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Claire McCaskill is the senior senator out of Missouri and is pretty damn Bro.

She has taken the lead on improving¬†treatment for veterans and, in 2012, whooped the pants off of dumbass Tom Akin (he of the ‘legitimate rape’ claim). She’s just an all-around good dude.

To add to her Bro credentials, she shotgunned a beer during the 2012 election, when she found out she would be facing Akin.

How big of an own is that? LOL good luck running against me you fuck I’ll whoop your ass while drunk.

She did, winning her seat 55% to 39%

Claire McCaskill. Bro.


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