Vermont Bros Take Cliff Jumping To The Next Level By Adding Trampolines

Cliff jumping is fun enough as it is. But some next level acrobatics happens when you assemble a trampoline right on the side of the cliff and take a plunge. That’s what these Vermont Bros did at a 25-foot cliff at a spot known as “Glory Quarry,” according to Mpora. After some jumps with the tramp at low altitudes, they graduated to 90 – 110 foot cliffs. In one of the jumpers own words, via Mpora:

“That 110 foot cliff scared the shit out of me. That was the first cliff I’ve been scared to jump [from] in a very long time.” No wonder. From that kind of height you’re hitting the water at some speed. “58 mph I believe, and man do you feel it” laughs Mike.

Bruh… I bruised my tailbone jumping from the cliff at Rick’s Cafe in Jamaica. I can’t imagine how much your body hurt after hitting the water from 110 feet up.

Still, cool story. Gets me amped for the summer.

[H/T: Mpora]

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