‘Killer Clown Prank’ Goes Very, VERY Wrong When Clown Gets Pistol Whipped In The Head

by 1 year ago

Being a clown by trade is dangerous business right now with the current craze of killer clowns sweeping the nation. And dressing up as a clown to go out in public with the sole purpose of scaring the shit out of people is even more dangerous because everyone’s on high alert. In the clip above there are two possible scenarios:

1) These pranksters didn’t get the memo that people are beating the ever living shit out of clowns on the street because they’re tired of being pranked.
2) The entire thing is staged and that dude dressed up as a clown willingly allowed himself to be pistol whipped for the sake of YouTube videos, which might be the dumbest stunt I’ve ever heard of from someone just trying to get Internet views…and I’m including our very own Matt Keohan losing a bet to Rebecca and having to get Kylie Jenner’s hip tattoo.

As for the guy with the gun, if there’s any chance this prank is real and not staged, I’d like to commend that upstanding citizen for choosing to pistol whip the clown in place of firing the trigger immediately. Many people packing heat would’ve gone straight to emptying the clip, but not that guy!

…(h/t TheLadBible)…

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