Man Dresses As Clown, Threatens Woman With Axe And, Well, I Won’t Be Sleeping Tonight

by 4 years ago

For those who don’t know me—which is probably most of you out there—one thing that absolutely terrifies me is clowns. With that whole exterior happiness and interior, well, who knows, psychotic personality, the people with painted faces and red noses don’t make me laugh too often.

In fact, that scene from the movie It above is the root of the entire problem, as I watched it with my dad while in first grade and have never been the same since.

So, when I read this story about a North Carolina guy dressing up as a clown and confronting a woman with an axe, you could imagine how freaked out I got.

Last week, 28-year-old Jimmy D. Raybon came across a girl who he had previously sent threatening texts to, swinging the axe at the girl before fleeing the scene. Though the lady was unharmed, I would think she needed a new pair of underwear after the freaky encounter.

In addition to escaping without a scratch, the girl was, thankfully, able to pull the mask up and recognize Raybon as the Bozo lookalike, which gave his little act away.

Eventually turning himself in, Raybon—who has been in and out of prison over the past decade—was arrested for outstanding warrants of assault with a deadly weapon and breaking and entering. Seems like a stand-up kind of guy, huh?

Here’s a word to those who think clowns are funny: They aren’t. They scare people. They’re crazy as fuck. And now I won’t be able to sleep at all tonight. Thanks, asshole clowns.