Club Offers A Chest-High ‘Puking Toilet’ So You Can Power-Vomit Without Getting Your Jeans Dirty



Nobody wants to get on their hands and knees at a bar bathroom and get on the filth-ridden, sticky tile floor that has feces, urine and puke bits in the grout. A nightclub in the Czech Republic makes blowing chunks a little more comfortable with this tremendous modern-day vomitorium in what may be society’s most monumental technological advancement.

Redditor ThangCZ shared a photo of this chest-high toilet made specifically for vomiting. There is even convenient handles on both sides of the puke toilet so you can really power-chunder all of those shots of cheap alcohol that you so unwisely slurped down.

The only problems I foresee in this miracle invention is that A.) The sick individuals won’t make it to the puke toilet, B.) They will be so shitfaced that they’ll think the actual toilet next to vomithole is where they’re supposed to deposit their puke, and C.) Drunk people are going to think the vomit toilet is the regular toilet, climb up on it, piss into the puke abyss and lose their balance while whizzing and crack their skull on the tile floor.

Fuck the bars, I need this in my house. I think I just found my home improvement project for the fall.