Dude Trolls His Girlfriend Hard At Coachella

Coachella pulls in ~99,000 attendants each day of the six days the festival runs. I can’t even begin to estimate the number of stupid ass photographs taken throughout that time. There isn’t a single human being that attends Coachella and doesn’t take at least one dumb picture. I’d guess there are some women out there taking hundreds, maybe thousands of photos to get the right picture, whatever the fuck that means…This is the perfect video to share with your girlfriend when discussing Coachella or any music festival.

This dude, Travis Henning, took that obsession with Coachella festival photos and flipped it on its head by harassing his girlfriend with ‘DID YOU GET IT?’ the entire time they were at Coachella. When I first started watching this clip I didn’t find it all that great, but as the gag went on it really grew on me. After watching this, I can practically hear some festival girl screaming at her boyfriend ‘did you get it?’ every time I think about Coachella. This is stuck with me forever.