Just A Story About A Coackroach Living In A Bro’s Ear And Having Babies

You know those people who claim that sticking Q-Tips in your ears is actually really bad for you? I say fuck those people—especially after reading this disgusting story.

According to a Mirror.co.uk story, a 19-year-old dude went to the doctor complaining of an earache, which, at first, seems like kind of a pussy move.

However, as if it were a scene from a bad horror movie, when docs looked inside of his ear, not only did they find a huge mummy cockroach living in his ear canal, but the fucking thing hatched 25 babies, cozying up in his ear drum and calling it home.

After finding the insect inside the kid’s ear, doctors admitted that the dude’s ear would have been “destroyed” had he not come in when he did for them to remove, get this, a total of 26 of the creepy crawlers.

OK, I’m going to barf up my dinner now.

[H/T Mirror.co.uk]

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