Watch a Collection of Reactions to Last Night’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Shocker

Like many of you GOT fans who haven't yet read the Song of Ice and Fire books, I've spent today decompressing from what feels, now, like a life-changing event, like experiencing a non-fatal car accident or watching your cat get run over or something. I kind of look like the South Park kids after they've been exposed to Backdoor Sluts Nine: Lost, dazed, confused. I just want to feel feelings again. 

Yes, last night, the Starks—the only family in the Westeros universe that seemed to stand for justice and good—were completely decimated. Heroic Robb Stark was brutally murdered. As were his lovely wife, stoic mother, and unborn child, lil' Ned. (Robb wanted to teach him to ride horses! Maybe even toss the ole' lance back and forth, too. So tragic) The “Red Wedding,” as the event was ominiously called, would have been easily the most shocking moment in recent TV history, if not for that other famously shocking GOT moment in the first season—you know, when the last good protagonist was killed by the fucking Lannisters.

Even today, I can still feel the dread that surrounded that whole wedding scene. You knew something big was coming, but it kept you waiting for so, painfully long. The scene's slow burning intensity reminded me a lot of the extended and frightening bar scene from Inglourious Basterds, but GOT's lead-up was even more tense, its pay-off much more gruesome. Which is why we've been gifted now with this incredible collection of reaction shots (above), probably filmed by book-readers living vicariously through their friends' surprises. (Similar situation in my apartment: My two roommates literally cackled at me as I started screaming things at the TV. Although, in hindsight, asking “Is he really dead?” wasn't the smartest thing to ask about the clearly fucking dead Robb Stark.)

For more detox, Andy Greenwald has a terrific recap, and this Twitter account, filled with clueless viewers blaming HBO for the killings, has been a hilarious Monday follow. This is going to be a long week till Sunday.

[H/T: Reddit]