College Student Killed Over A Game Of Beer Pong And Everyone Needs To Chill Out

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Beer Pong


Stories like this are tragic and absolutely avoidable. Unfortunately, the world is full of assholes.

Lacie LaRose, a 19-year-old from College Station, Texas, was accidentally shot and killed at a house party on May 3. The shooting stemmed from a disagreement earlier in the evening over a game of beer pong.

Here are details from the Houston Chronicle:

A report from the College Station Police Department said 39-year-old Ronald McNeil, a neighbor of the party host, fired the shot that killed LaRose.

Early accounts said there’d been a scuffle, but details lacked. Now new witness testimony, reported by The Eagle, indicates that an argument erupted between McNeil and other partygoers regarding the rules of a beer pong game underway. It eventually led to a brief exchange of blows. The witness told The Eagle that McNeil and a group of his friends had been evicted from the party, but pledged to return armed.

According to eyewitness accounts, “McNeil entered the house’s backyard and fired fourteen shots from a handgun, which he told police he’d intended to scare the party guests with whom he’d argued. One man was hit in the leg, and one took shrapnel, but LaRose, a bystander, received a fatal bullet.”

All this over beer pong. Just take the loss. Just take the fucking beer pong loss and relax. Now, a young girl is dead, because you wanted to be a beer pong champion and get a gun involved.

So fucking sad.

[via Houston Chronicle]

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