Are You A College Student? Then You’re Probably Suffering From A Mental Disorder (Says One Expert)

There are approximately 12 million students in college in the United States, and according to Dr. Gene Beresin, of Massachusetts General Hospital, six million of them are fucked in the head.

Six million! That’s a lot of fucking crazy people. But Breslin says up to 60% of undergrads are suffering from some sort of “psychiatric disorder.”

Dr. Beresin runs The Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds, which, according to him, there aren’t that many out there. He spoke with CBS about what he sees as a borderline epidemic.

“What I’m including in that is the use of substances, anxiety, depression, problems with relationships, break-ups, academic problems, learning disabilities, attentional problems,” says Dr. Beresin. “If you add them all up 50% doesn’t seem that high.”

Well uhhh in that case, isn’t everyone in the world messed the fuck up?

And why then is it so damn hard for me to self-diagnosis and order the drugs I want online. What I’m saying is I should be able to buy Xanax and Percocet over the internet. That doesn’t seem all that unreasonable.

Breslin’s concern is that college is too tough on young people. He says the human brain doesn’t fully mature until age 26 (which kinda makes sense), and that giving all these undeveloped minds so much freedom and responsibility is a recipe for disaster.

“Living alone, not being prepared to be on your own,” says Dr. Beresin. “Peer pressure. I mean, the ability to kind of freely use alcohol or drugs and make those decisions on your own without supervision.”

He cites the absurdly high rate of suicide among college kids as evidence.

A college student kills himself every day,” he says.

Yea that seems like a lot and also unnecessary. If you are in college now, go see a doctor and get yourself some drugs. Tell ’em Dr. Breslin said it’s cool.

But seriously, Breslin is speaking out because there is concern that college students are afraid to seek help or are unable to understand that what they’re going through may be treatable. So don’t ever be afraid to go see a doctor.

Like I said, you’ll get sweet drugs.

[Via CBS]