Bro Rides His Bike from Colorado to Florida for a Great Cause, Makes Epic Video of His Adventures

And shared this pretty incredible video of his cross-country trek: 


This is why he embarked on such a crazy journey:

Besides hoping to inspire others, I also have a goal of fundraising $5000 for an education non-profit that I am passionate about: The Ponheary Ly Foundation.

The PLF’s goal is “to locate and serve the many children in Cambodia who live in the poorest rural villages and do not have access to equitable educational opportunities.” I have visited the PLF and have seen the impactful work that they are doing to help build a better future for not only these children but for the developing country.

Inspiring stuff. Way to be a stand-up dude and rally support for an awesome cause you believe in. I think a lot of post-grad Bros could learn a thing or two from Adam and his journey. Don't be a whiny post-grad sulker who wakes up at noon and eats the Frosted Flakes your parents are still buying for you at the age of 23: Get out there and do something epic. 

For more information on The Ponheary Ly Foundation, check out their website.

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