Comcast Repair Truck Causes Multiple Accidents With Cars Sliding Off The Road In Snow, Comcast = The Worst

This footage was filmed somewhere in Indianapolis, and you can see proof that Comcast is the devil. There are cars flying off the snowy roads, not just one car but lots of cars, and they’re losing control and crashing all because this Comcast mouthbreather decided to set up his cones way too fucking close to his truck.

There’s a hill just up that road, and what’s happening is cars are coming over that hill and seeing the orange cones waaaaaayyyyyyy too late. They then have to slam on the brakes which means they go flying off the road because it’s snowy, but when confronted about needing to add more cones to the right the Comcast driver doesn’t give a fuck. Their rule is ‘one cone for every 10mph (of the speed limit)’, which makes no fucking sense because there are no set rules on how far apart those cones need to be, at least not in this case.

I understand this maintenance worker’s need for self-preservation and his want of not getting hit by cars. But in his quest to not get hit he fucked over a ton of people, and caused multiple accidents. There’s no way around this. If he’d added cones to the top/crest of the hill cars would’ve had time to adjust their speeds accordingly and not crashed. That’s all it would’ve taken. Instead, he chose to cause multiple accidents, which is exactly what I’d expect from a Comcast employee.

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Classy stuff.

(h/t reddit/videos)

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