Dude Named Rade Zone Heckled Some Comedian, Ended Up With A Foot In His Chest

by 4 years ago


There have been plenty of epic moments in heckler history.

From the dude who tossed that drink on Ron Artest to start the Malice in the Palace during an NBA game back in 2004, to the legend of Robin Ficker, who routinely yelled some hilarious shit during sporting events, dogging someone can always be fun to do.

That is, unless it comes back to bite you in the ass as it did to some jackass heckler named Rade Zone.

Apparently, this guy is a regular in Vegas a various comedy clubs, opening his mouth and yelling shit back at the people on stage.

During a recent open mic sesh at Beat Coffeehouse, though, Rade Zone got what so many other comedians had probably wish he would have years ago—a swift, unexpected kick right to the chest, leaving his ass on the ground.

Hell, one spectator was even heard saying, “now that’s comedy right there,” proving that, while the comedian holding the mic may have been pedestrian at best, his karate-kicking skills should never be doubted—especially by some asshole wearing, what appeared to be, a tin foil hat on his head.

[H/T The Comic’s Comic]