Commander of the Blue Angels Grounded for Showing Off Nudes of Girlfriends and Painting a Giant Dick That Could Be Seen from Space

Capt. Gregory McWherter was the commander of the Navy Blue Angels squadron, between 2008 and 2012. Though well-liked by those under his command, yesterday Capt. Gregory McWherter  was found guilty and grounded in a disciplinary trial “after allegations of sexual and juvenile misconduct emerged from his squadron,” reports the Daily News.

So what did this one-time graduate of the Navy’s Top Gun flight school do? You know, just the usual Bro shenanigans involving nudes of girlfriends, hazing of underlings, and paint giant dicks on airplane hangers:

Under McWherter’s command porn was kept stashed in the cockpits of jets, homophobic and derogatory banter was encouraged among the members, and a massive blue and gold phallus — the Blue Angels’ colors — was painted on the roof of their California trailer, according to the Navy’s report.

The phallus, which was large enough to see from space, has since been painted over and is no longer visible on Google Maps.

There was also the whole hazing thing, which the military doesn’t take very kindly of these days:

The juvenile hazing of “newbies” was also a common practice.

“For example, prior to 2011, foam penis hats and mechanical ‘dog humping’ hats were used to create distractions for the person reciting the speeches,” the report states.

Here are the allegations that earned McWherter those sexual harassment accusations. Doesn’t matter whether you’re in the military of not, stalking co-workers for bikini pics on Facebook is kinda, sorta never a good idea, especially when you’re the boss: 

Binoculars were specifically provided to pilots for scanning the crowd for attractive women. They even had their own signal to alert members nearby to an attractive female who was posing with them for pictures, according to the report.

Behind closed doors, officers also showed off photos of girlfriends, some of which were nude, according to witnesses.

They would then joke or banter about the women shown, including a photo of a bikini-clad female-enlisted Blue Angels member they obtained through Facebook.

The Navy issued a response on his behavior, claiming he became locker room cancer for the squad:

“Unfortunately, Captain Gregory McWherter led his Ready Room far astray of acceptable norms of behavior and conduct. The Blue Angeles Ready Room did, in fact, follow the Commanding Officer’s example, and made the standard he established theirs,” the report stated.

“This Commanding Officer witnessed, accepted, and encouraged behavior that, while juvenile and sophomoric in the beginning, ultimately and in the aggregate, became destructive, toxic and hostile,” Adm. Harry B. Harris, commander of the Navy’s Pacific Fleet, wrote in the report. “He failed himself, failed those that he led, failed the Blue Angels, and failed the Navy.”


Ouch. That “failed the Navy” line has to sting. Better luck in the world of commercial aviation, Capt. McWherter. Maybe keep the comments about the flight attendants limited to the cockpit or bar if you want to avoid a lawsuit.

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