Company Invents iPhone Charger That You Can Use From Your Sofa, Solving Largest First-World Problem

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When you swipe through Tinder as often as I do, your battery drains quicker than your matches can say “stop messaging me, creep.”

And there’s NOTHING WORSE than having to plug your phone into the nearest charger, out of reach from your couch and letting potential Tinder matches slip through your fingers. Ok, maybe Genocide and natural disasters are worse, but I think that’s about it.

But inventor Chris Hawker has created a product to solve this impossible First World problem. Couchlet is a “simple dual-port USB hub that’s designed to playing with your couch or bed, the places where you find yourselves at the end of the day when you’re most likely to need a boost.”

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The charger can be placed right under your couch cushion and comes attached to a six-foot charging cable that can be plugged into any outlet in the room. It is also equipped with a fold out leg for extra stability.

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The cost of the charger is only $16, or $4 less than the cost of Tinder Plus.

As a society, we haven’t solved cancer or herpes, but we have found a way to become a little more lazy. ‘MERICA.

[H/T Unilad]

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