An American Aircraft Company Just Released Its Updated Plans For A Flying Car And It Looks Awesome

Flying cars would be dope. And the question isn’t whether technology is capable of making producing them, it’s whether or not the hassle of implementing the infrastructure outweighs the  frustration of sitting in traffic. Answer: It does. Traffic is the devils work, and it must be wiped off the face of the earth.

And with the help of a small, private aircraft manufacturing company called Terrafugia, the wheels (or lack thereof) may be in motion. Good pun, Matt. Loser.

Terrufugia has released new designs for their TF-X model, a vehicle that aims to be a completely autonomous flying car. The vehicle will be tested in a wind tunnel at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and will feature fold out wings that have twin electric motor pods situated at each end, a 300hp engine that can reach speeds of 200 mph with a 500 mile flight range, and the ability for vertical take off and landing.

Terrafugia’s website details the technical operations a flying car would require, such as approved landing zones, inclement weather protocol, and vehicle charging stations.

If the plans are approved, the development of the car will take 8-12 years. Maybe by then I’ll have more than $18 in my bank account.

[h/t LADbible]