Check Out This Woman’s Thirteen Genuine Complaints About Having Large Breasts

by 4 years ago

Yes, go on, I’m listening (strokes chin).

Kat penned a piece today where she reveals the thirteen worst things about being a well-endowed woman. George, who’s ironically the author of a book about vaginas, ends (spoiler) the list on this note:   

“If you wear tight clothes you will almost always look like more of a stripper than you are, because your boobs will fill out clothes in such a way that screams for attention, even though in reality there’s absolutely nothing you can do about them, you wish people (men) would stop drooling over them, and the only reason you wore the dress is because you liked it, not to show off your tits.”

Among her other complaints (more spoilers) are people usually vulgarly refer to her boobs as “titties”, she can’t sleep on her stomach and the frequency with which people say things like “Oh, Christina Hendricks has huge tits too.” As if that comment will make it easier to deal with the fact that all people ever want to talk about are her cans.

People have no class. Such titties.

Sorry, boobs.

[via Thought Catalog]

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