Generous Guy Takes Neighbors To Buccaneers Game Using Their Stolen Credit Card

There is no threshold to which a con man won’t stoop. There’s also no level of stupidity.

A Florida guy was arrested on 10 counts of theft of personal identification information, fraudulent use of a credit card, grand theft and dealing in stolen property. Those are all criminal charges but we’re charging him in the court of life of being a huge asshole for what he did to his new neighbors.

“Anthony James David, 37, of Spring Hill, was arrested Friday on various fraud charges, according to a release from the Hernando County Sheriff’s Department.

The arrest came after neighbors Bill and Melissa Callahan reported their credit cards had been used fraudulently to purchase a wide variety of goods and services including flowers from a florist, food from Panera, and $750 worth of legal services from an attorney.

But the biggest score David allegedly made off the Callahans was when he “treated” them to a Bucs game using one of their cards without their knowledge.”

David’s got a long history of being a shit head. In 2008, he was accused of pretending to be a doctor and practicing medicine without a license. Did he promise to perform surgery on a guy and use the guy’s own organs in the procedure? “You’re getting a new liver! It’s your old liver! Should work perfectly!”

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